Current Projects

Noon ‘Til Moon (launching 2019)
Myself and a few event industry friends are curating a boutique festival at a fantastic location. 10 Castle Street in Cranborne is a hidden gem in Dorset, a stunning mansion house with beautifully manicured grounds. We’re looking forward to this project, with 2019’s inaugural event taking place on Saturday 29th June.

Press Play Rosé (launching 2019)
Myself and a bunch of friends have joined forces to launch a super premium rosé. We have worked closely with our producers in Nice, South of France, to develop a beautifully light, crisp, and pale blend. A product of the Côtes de Provence, Press Play Rosé launches officially in 2019, in multiple vessel sizes – perfect for gatherings ranging from intimate social soirées, to large scale private or public events.

1Burrito (2018-present)
Another collaboration with Deliveroo Editions, we have developed a Mexican fast-food concept built for simplicity and speed. 1Burrito is available in Reading, and soon to be Brighton.

Tribeca Talent (2018-present)
We have launched a talent management division of our entertainment and event business, focusing on signing high quality established artists and producing shows that are targeted at the global private event market. Our first artist signing is Mobo and Brit Award winner Shola Ama.

Cheeky (2018-present)
In collaborating with Deliveroo Editions, we have developed a brand new concept dedicated to delivering tasty, fresh, vegetarian and vegan-friendly fast food. A selection of beautifully crafted and lovingly made wraps alongside indulgent signature sauces and sides. Cheeky is available in Reading, and soon to be Brighton.

Tribeca Events (2018-present)
We started developing our own portfolio of events in late 2016, and selling tickets for them through Elite Ticket, our own ticketing platform. Owed to the sheer volume of events that we now put on throughout the year, we have this year launched an event business. From concept shows, sportsman’s dinners and live bands, to business-focused events in collaboration with hotels in various areas of the UK, we have diversified into different space to keep ourselves interested.

Tribeca Media (2017-present)
Formally Elite Media, which launched in 2014. Tribeca Media was created initially to exclusively look after our own portfolio of projects, employing full time web developers and graphic designers, who each know what makes us ‘click’. Incoming project enquiries from many start ups and established brands over the years have led us to take on occasional clients too.

PRIVA Parties (2017 – present)
The effective re-birth of the PRIVA brand, but this time around without a bricks and mortar location to call our own. An exclusivity deal signed with Hilton Hotel Bournemouth for a series of ‘brunch’ day parties at Sky Bar, alongside some one-off evening events at Halloween and New Year’s Eve.

Utilities4Less (2016-present)
A considered equity investment in a team with a collaborative 40 years’ experience in the commercial energy sector. When founder Nicholas Till, who boasted 10 years working for British Gas before starting U4L, saved us considerable money on our restaurant group’s utility bills, it opened our eyes to an opportunity. We asked Nick if he was looking for investors to help accelerate his growth. He was. U4L’s team has now grown to 10 energy experts. Revenue grew 300% to the end of year 2, with year 3 looking very much the same.

Elite Ticket (2015-present)
With a growing number of event promoters wanting to sell tickets on our Elite Living platform, we decided event ticketing needed it’s own home, and therefore launched Elite Ticket. Since launch, we have sold 10’s of thousands of tickets for hundreds of events in Dorset and Hampshire, and now boast over 20,000 subscribers.

Chicken & Blues (2013-present)
What started as a side project when we launched our Boscombe store as a ‘proof of concept’ site, has now turned into a major part of our lives. We have won multiple awards since 2013. The Metro London named us in the top 5 chicken concepts in the UK before Theo Paphitis certified us with his business award. In 2017, we were lucky enough to win ‘Best Takeaway in the South East’ in the British Takeaway Awards.

C&B has fielded hundreds of franchise enquiries from around the UK, Europe, and further afield, but after an internal test-franchise went wrong, we have decided to hold fire on the franchise route. In 2018, we signed an exciting deal with Deliveroo, one of Europe’s fastest growing companies, to expand through their network of ‘Editions’ kitchens. We’re now in Reading, soon to be Brighton, then the world! 🙂

Mercedes Rocks (2013-present)
Mercedes Rocks is an experiential brand that we created for Mercedes-Benz of Poole, in order to help achieve marketing and brand penetration for the locally based 21-40 market, through a series of events throughout the year. A partnership with PRIVA parties and Tribeca Events in 2018 sees Mercedes Rocks, and Sandown Mercedes-Benz of Poole in front of 10’s of thousands of locals on and offline.

Elite Living (2013-present)
Groupon launched a few years before Elite Living (then Live Elite). We could see their huge global growth, but has also identified their failings on a local/personal level and some service issues which had stopped them being able to sign more exclusive and high quality merchant clients.

Since launch, we have sold 200,000+ vouchers for 700+ businesses, and our subscriber base has now reached 70,000.  During this time, we estimate over £15,000,000 of revenue has been circulated throughout our merchant network from voucher sales.